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You may be able to get temporary and permanent disability pay, medical treatment, and lump sum payment options. But no matter how much compensation you may be requesting, the insurance company will always want to pay you less. They will do everything in their best interest to reduce or deny your claim. Their main goal is not do whats right, but to protect their money. That is why you need an attorney who will fight back, leveraging all available evidence to create a compelling argument for full and fair compensation.

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Workers' Compensation

Whether you are a factory worker or an office worker, you could be at risk for injury or illness on the job. Fortunately, workers’ compensation covers all kinds of work-related harm, from repetitive motion injuries to occupational diseases to serious accidental injuries.

The workers’ compensation claims process is far from simple. It can actually be really difficult to get your benefits. Your employer may be hesitant in identifying their insurance company, and the insurance company may undervalue your claim and try to convince you to accept minimum payments.

In order to ensure you are treated fairly, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side. The Law Office of Silva & Silva makes an excellent choice.


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