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What are some of the first steps I need to do if I am in an auto crash?  I would say you need to establish who is at fault.  You can do this by a number of ways.  You might get the other person to hand write  a statement that they admit the crash was their fault.  You might do a video or audio recording.  At the time of the crash is when people are most honest.  That is the time to establish fault.  What we see sometimes is a clear case of liability on the part of the other driver BUT then they talk to their insurance company and the next thing you know, WAMMO, they are trying to say it was your fault. And then they say, "oh, if it wasn't entirely your fault then it must have been at least 50 percent your fault".  Severely months go by and you get frustrated because now YOUR insurance company is saying it might be 1/2 your fault when you know darn good and well that it wasn't.  If you take 50% fault then that will potentially affect your insurance premiums, the value of your claim, and how soon you get your car fixed.  If you would like a NO-BS evaluation of your case call us at 909-798-1500